Welcome to the web home of the CYC West County district.  We're just getting the site rolling, so please be patient as we add to it and ramp up to a fully functional site. For now you can use http://www.westcountycyc.org to keep up with soccer.  As basketball gets organized they will make a decision about which format/site to use for the coming season.

Coaches, officials, and volunteers - the Archdiocese requires anyone working in any capacity with or around minors to meet the safe environment requirements.  Everyone over 18 must complete the Protecting God's Children workshop, sign the Code of Ethical Conduct, and register with the Family Care Safety Registry (background check).  Coaches must attend the coaches training program to get their coach ID# and must have a CYC ID card.  Minor officials and coaches must submit a Youth Code of Ethical conduct.  For more details check out the Coaches and Officials pages on the CYC site.  The code of conduct forms are on the officials page.

Mission/Purpose of CYC:
The general aim of the Catholic Youth Council is to help a boy or girl, regardless of their skill to become an ideal youth firmly loyal to God, Church, Country, and Community; physically fit, mentally alert and morally sound.  Athletics, properly regulated, play a very important role in the development of youth.  The Constitution of the CYC Athletic Association is a sincere effort to promote good sportsmanship, a respect for rules and self-discipline amongst the contestants.  With the help of God, may it serve as a medium for Catholic action.  We ask the blessing of God upon this phase of the Catholic Youth Council.

In keeping with the spirit of the program, a pre-game prayer involving both teams together will take place before all youth (Atom through Junior Division) games; the home team will be responsible for leading the prayer.
Field/Facility Conditions & Updates
For directions to fields/facilities check out the Locatnios page.

Check the below Twitter feed to check on game cancellations or field updates.
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